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Our Story

Karunia   Solutions prides in offering a unique blend of products and services. We have picked these sectors based on our extensive experience in the field of coal, steel, green energy solutions.

We do not act as a broker or mediator but market the products or commodities directly to buyers and source the products from the key suppliers such as mining companies, scrap yards, steel mills,and clean tech solution providers. 


We strive for excellence in everything we do. We aim for the:

•    perfect business deal, paying a competitive price to our suppliers and offering a competitive price to our customers for high quality products and services.
•    perfect supply chain solution which sees our goods arriving in good condition as per agreed shipment schedule.
•    perfect trade documentation management; that is an essential enabler to meet the stringent requirements of suppliers, customers, and banks
•    perfect financial structure of the deals, where risks are minimized and all parties meet their financial obligations / gain rewards.

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